Upgrading your hinged wardrobe doors

One-Nil : Door Width

Wardrobe doors hung on traditional hinges have a limit to the width they can be. Over time, doors with widths more than 600mm tend to put strain on the hinges and the door frame itself. That's why you often see doors that have ‘dropped’ on their hinges and don't close squarely.

By comparison, the width of a made-to-measure sliding wardrobe door can be anything up to a whopping 1500mm - allowing excellent access to your wardrobe and a huge choice of design styles. See our article extra wide sliding wardrobe doors.

Two-Nil : Space Needed

Hinged wardrobe doors, by their nature, open outwards and therefore need space in front of the wardrobe to be opened fully. Sliding wardrobe doors open within the same plane and so are ideal for maximising space or for use in confined areas - see our article fitting wardrobes into a small room.

Three-Nil : Damage

Open-out hinged wardrobe doors are prone to being opened beyond their 90 degrees angle. Knock the doors whilst open and the hinges will be strained, or worse, the framework damaged. There is no danger of this happening with sliding wardrobe doors which are much harder to damage.

Four-Nil : Mirrored and Glass Doors

Whilst hinged doors can just as easily be constructed from timber, MDF or MFC, hinged mirrored or glass wardrobe doors are a real problem due to their weight. Without a solid, strong framework the weight will over strain the hinges and soon result in sagging doors. Sliding wardrobe doors are a superior option for glass and mirror doors. You'll find a wide choice of both mirrored and coloured glass panels available on the WDD website.

Five-Nil : Installation

Sliding wardrobe doors are quicker and easier to install than a set of hinged doors. A full timber framework must be constructed prior to hanging hinged doors. A basic sliding wardrobe installation only needs a top and bottom track (providing the ceiling and walls are level, plumb and of sound construction: before the doors can be installed. See our installation guide for more information about installing made- to-measure sliding wardrobe doors.

The Final Analysis

Sliding Wardrobe Doors are the clear winning choice. So instead of plumping for traditional hinged doors take a look at our contemporary, space-saving sliding doors, available in a wide range of easy-to-install panel designs, materials, colours and finishes. We know you won't be disappointed.

View our Sliding Wardrobe Door Collections.

Ready to replace your old hinged wardrobe doors with modern, stylish sliding doors?

Here's how to do it:

If the hinged doors are hung within a timber frame just remove the old doors, making good any holes where the hinges were attached to the frame. Then, following our measuring guide, take accurate measurements and choose your replacement sliding wardrobe doors to transform your old wardrobe.

You are sure to find something in our extensive range to match or inspire your room décor or you can specify your own custom made bespoke design.

If the whole door frame needs replacing then this can be removed and replaced using a frame formed from our strike plates and liners.

The above is an extract taken from this guide : replacing existing hinged doors with sliding wardrobe doors.

If you would like to ask any questions or discuss your ideas with the Wardrobe Doors Direct Design Team please call freephone 0800 035 1730.

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