Q1. Do the sliding wardrobe doors use bearings for the running gear?

Both the Aluminium and Steel frames use bearings in the bottom track running gear.

Q2. What is the specification of the panels you use?

Mirror and coloured glass is 4mm and safety backed to BS6206. The wood effect panels are 8mm.

Q3. Can you quote me for the sliding wardrobe door?

We like to have a transparent pricing structure for the doors we provide so the best way to work out the price of your doors is to select the number of doors, door design, frame style and wardrobe panels and the price will be shown. If you require a bespoke look please contact our design team on 01274 563 323.

Q4. What is the maximum length of the sliding wardrobe door top and bottom tracks?

The maximum length of our top and bottom tracks is 5000mm.

Q5. What is the width of the bottom track?

The width of the steel bottom track is 68mm and the aluminium is 63mm. If you are installing your own frame we recommend a minimum width of 100mm because the top and bottom tracks are off-set, please refer to our wardrobe sliding door installation guide for more information.

Q6. How do I measure the aperture of the opening where I want the sliding wardrobes to go?

Q7. I have looked at your collections but you don't have the door design I want.

We can offer a bespoke design service to match your exact specification. If you require a bespoke look please contact our design team on 01274 563 323.

Q8. Can sliding wardrobe doors be installed onto laminate?

Yes, you can either lay the wardrobe track on top of the laminate or if you need to level the floor use our floor liners.

Q9. Can sliding wardrobe doors be installed onto carpet?

Yes, but you will need to use floor liners as the wardrobe tracks are liable to warp if installed directly onto carpet.

Q10. What is the difference between steel and aluminium frames?

The main differences between steel and aluminium frames are describe on the Steel or aluminium frames – what's the difference? article.

Q11. My width measurement means I could have either a 2 door or 3 door system - which would you recommend?

It really depends on aesthetics versus practicality. A maximum width 2 door system in a wide aperture would mean the doors would be squarer and would make a bold statement. With a 3 door system the individual doors would be slimmer and more traditional in style. With the first option of 2 doors the opening to access the wardrobe would be slightly less than half the width of your opening whereas with a 3 door system it would be around one third of the overall width which could affect how you arrange your interior storage and how you access it.

Q12. My width means I could have either a 3 door or 4 door system - which would you recommend?

The considerations are much the same as above but on the four door system two of the doors would completely slide behind the other two doors so if you moved two doors you would be able to access half the storage space at a time.

Q13. Can I order samples?

Yes, please fill in our contact form stating the samples your require.

Q14. Do the sliding wardrobe doors come with bottom and top tracks?

Yes, the sliding wardrobe door kits come with bottom and top tracks.

Q15. What is the overlap on the sliding wardrobe doors when they are closed?

The overlap will be approximately 40mm.

Q16. Do you have a brochure?

Wardrobe Doors Direct is purely an online business so we don't have printed marketing material for our product ranges. We prefer to keep our costs as low as possible without compromising on the quality of our products.

Q17. Do you have a showroom?

We do not have showrooms as this is the best way to keep the cost of our product so low.

Q18. Do you offer a fitting service?

We do not offer an installation service as our products are easy fit for competent DIYers or you can organise your own joiner who should be able to fit them for you. Please refer to our wardrobe sliding door installation guide.

Q19. The ceiling where we want the wardrobes are sloping can we fit sliding doors?

We only supply sliding wardrobe doors that are made with 90 degree angles.

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