Aluminium framed wood or glass sliding doors. Design online; choose coloured, frosted or mirror glass sliding doors or select from our range of warm wood panels such as Oak or French Walnut for a superb contemporary sliding wardrobe or sliding room divider in a light easy glide aluminium frame.

Aluminium wardrobe sliding doors

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Sliding wardrobe doors are made from a number of different components that affect the look and the performance of the doors. Below we outline the main components of our aluminium sliding doors with profile diagrams and technical dimensions. If you would like to understand how these components are put together please take a look at our how we construct our wardrobe doors guide. You may also find our article the difference between steel and aluminium doors useful.

Aluminium profiles

These are constructed from extruded aluminium (6063 and 6061 grade) which is then anodised or powder coated to provide a range of finishes including Anodised Silver, Olive Gold, Gloss White or Matte Black.

Aluminium top track (double runner)

This is the two runner top track. The top track can be installed with either the three line profile or the shadow gap facing the front. The shadow gap side is useful if your ceiling isn't straight as the gap gives space between the ceiling and track.

Aluminium top track dimensions

Aluminium bottom track (double runner)

This is the two runner bottom track.

Aluminium bottom track dimensions

Aluminium frame / stile

This is the profile of our aluminium frame / stile and is used for the sliding wardrobe doors, room dividers and sliding doors as the symmetrical shape enables it to be used from both sides. This profile is available in anodised silver, gloss white, matte black and olive gold.

Aluminium stile dimensions

Aluminium top rail

If you specify the soft-close option on your doors, this section will be attached to the top of the top rail.

Aluminium top rail dimensions

Aluminium bottom rail

The bottom running gear fits inside the bottom rail.

Aluminium bottom rail dimensions

Aluminium H-bar

This is the aluminium H-bar which is used in all the door collections apart from the Como Collection and it splits the panels so that different designs can be created. The H-bar can be used vertically or horizontally - please see our bespoke wardrobe doors page for more details.

Aluminium sliding wardrobe door H-bars dimensions

Aluminium single top track (single runner)

This is normally used for sliding room dividers, sliding doors and (pocket doors – coming soon).

Aluminium single top track dimensions

Aluminium single bottom track

The single bottom track can be used in conjunction with the double bottom track to create a triple bottom track.

Aluminium single track dimensions

Aluminium single bottom track - mounting profile

When in position the flooring material is butted up to the runner so the only part that is on show is the single raised semi-circular section.

Aluminium single mounting track dimensions

Aluminium single bottom track – recessed track

This is normally used for sliding room dividers, sliding doors and (pocket doors – coming soon).

Aluminium single recessed track dimensions

Aluminium single bottom track – wide track

This is normally used for sliding room dividers, sliding doors and (pocket doors – coming soon).

Aluminium single wide track dimensions

Rubber gasket

(Nitrile clear rubber gasket P83).

Aluminium rubber gasket dimensions

Bottom running gear (aluminium)

The bottom running gear wheel casing is manufactured from a thick gauge steel, finished with a zinc plating and can be adjusted in height by 15mm (allen key is included). The interior components include durable nylon wheels and 608 chromed steel ball bearings (rated ABEC-5). The bottom running gear has a noiseless action when in use.

Aluminium running gear dimensions

Top running gear (aluminium)

The top running gear casing is manufactured from stainless steel and includes a dual rubber wheel mechanism containing 608 chromed steel ball bearings.

Aluminium top guides dimensions

Soft-close mechanism

This is a stainless steel construction with ABS plastic and nylon components and includes a spring and hydraulic damper mechanism. The mechanism contains a dual rubber wheel containing 608 ball bearings and the soft-closer has a noiseless action when in use.

Soft-close specification:
- Fully adjustable
- Stroke length: 50mm
- Pulling power: 5N
- Running time: 2-3s
- Maximum load : 50kg
- Life expectancy: 50,000 to 80,000 uses

Aluminium soft-closers dimensions

Brush strips

These attach neatly to the edges of the doors with adhesive backing tape and are manufactured from a 4mm height, grey nylon brush pile material.

Aluminium brush strip dimensions

Door positioners (aluminium)

These are made from sprung steel.

Plastic hole covers

Made from a translucent plastic.

Door panels

These are available in 4mm coloured glass*, 4mm mirrored glass* or 8mm Kronospan and Egger plain colour or wood effect panels.

*all glass and mirrored panels are 4mm safety backed glass to BS6206.

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