Any internal room can be partitioned with our contemporary sliding room dividers. Buy your room divider doors from us and DIY fit with our easy to follow plain English installation guide.

Made to measure sliding room dividers

Living room sliding room dividers with bespoke pelmet

Sliding room dividers

Our made to measure sliding room dividers are made for DIY fit.

To buy sliding room dividers choose your design as per our Sliding wardrobe doors, then call us on Freephone 0800 035 1730 with your measurements.

Our sliding room dividers are a contemporary modern take on the traditional room dividers which were usually wood framed doors with either clear or etched glass panels inset. The modern equivalent enables numerous partition door designs and colour options to be achieved, which can give your room a real splash of colour or create a statement feature.

We have a huge range of colours, materials and designs to choose from. Perhaps you will choose our black or white glass room dividers for a contemporary chic feel or maybe you will choose a warm wooden room divider in Oak for a cosy area. Or choose a frosted glass for a light airy space or en-suite partition.

Sliding room dividers are perhaps most often associated with providing the partition between a living room and a dining room but equally, they can be used to divide any space, separating large, open-plan living areas into smaller intimate spaces for eating, working, recreation or sleeping.

Our sliding room dividers are double-sided so each side can be colour co-ordinated to the décor of each room. As with our sliding wardrobe doors you can customise the door design by splitting the door panels using our H-bar system. (Note: different colour panels may be used but the door design will be the same on each side of the door.)

There are two types of sliding room dividers:

  • Wall sliding room dividers
    This is a one-runner system and the doors slide open to the left and right to reveal the full opening aperture (as long as there is enough space either side of the opening).
  • In-frame sliding room dividers
    This is a two-runner system (much like a sliding wardrobe door) where the door fits within a frame. We would recommend a 4-door sliding room divider system for most room dividers within a frame, however if the opening is narrow then a 2-door room divider is best. The 4-door divider allows any of the doors to be moved, which gives complete flexibility and allows for the option to position furniture in front of a door. The most common access is to slide the two middle doors left and right.

Our sliding room divider doors are available in a deluxe aluminium frame, a superior choice for room dividers:

  • the aluminium frame allows the doors to have panels fixed on both sides so that both faces of the partition door can be matched to the décor of each room that they lead into;
  • the aluminium frame top and bottom tracks are available with single runners; and
  • the aluminium doors are ideal for areas prone to moisture and/or humidity.
Made to measure sliding partition doors

Sliding room dividers for the bathroom with bespoke pelmet

Partitioning a corner of a room

Sliding room dividers can also be used to partition off a corner of a room. If the sliding doors are set at 90 degrees to each other they can be used to separate a small section off a larger room. Create your ideal office or perhaps a playroom where toys are immediately out of sight, behind the partition at the end of the day.

Single sliding doors

Single sliding doors comprise of just one door attached to the front of a door opening. These types of doors are great for bedrooms to separate the main bedroom from an en-suite bathroom for optimal bedroom space. The doors are double-sided and can be colour matched to the room décor on one side whilst incorporating a full length mirror on the en-suite side.

Your wardrobe as a room divider. Partition doors and sliding wardrobe doors combined

If planned carefully, sliding doors can be combined with sliding wardrobe doors in a seamless run, thus allowing access to an en-suite via one of the doors and access to the wardrobe space through the other doors. Usually, the sliding doors will run along the length of one wall and the entrance to the en-suite will have end panels fixed either side to create a ‘corridor’. The sliding door will be double-sided, enabling the en-suite side of the sliding door to have a full length vanity mirror panel fitted into it.

DIY fitting your sliding room dividers

Your partition doors come with full easy to follow fitting instructions written in plain English, but here are a few specific considerations to help you make the best choice for your specific DIY fitting.

Sliding room dividers bottom track in detail

There are a number of different options to consider when installing and fixing the bottom track. These will be dictated by the floor surface. If a new floor surface is being laid at the same time as the door tracks then all options are possible:

Sliding room dividers recessed track

Installing recessed bottom tracks:

The recessed bottom track can be fixed to ceramic floor tiles, parquet flooring or floor boards. Leaving or making a groove 11-12mm in width and a minimum of 7mm in depth. The track is fixed using silicone adhesive. Before fixing the track, apply an appropriate quantity of the adhesive along the bottom of the groove. Where two or more tracks are installed, allow 41mm spacing on the centres (distance between track centre lines).

Track recessed into ceramic flooring:

A recessed track can also be mounted in ceramic flooring. Leave a groove of 14-15mm in width and at least 9mm in depth, in which to install the recessed track or embed it in mortar before it sets. Before door installation, fix the track securely using silicone adhesive.

Sliding room dividers wide track

Wide recessed track:

The wide recessed track can be installed under carpeting. Fix the track using screws, double-sided adhesive tape or silicone adhesive. Where two tracks are to be installed, the correct spacing of tracks can be obtained by laying them side-by-side so that the wider edges of their bases abut.



Note: In the case of an uneven floor base, fix the tracks with silicone adhesive.

For technical details and technical drawings of the tracks please refer to our technical details of our sliding wardrobe doors, sliding room dividers and sliding doors article.

Ordering partition doors and sliding room dividers from Wardrobe Doors Direct

Currently, sliding room dividers, sliding doors or sliding pocket doors cannot be ordered through our website but if you would like to discuss your specific requirements or ask for a quote please contact our experienced door designers on freephone 0800 035 1730.

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