The simplest (and often quickest) way to create smart storage space in a room is with the addition of sliding wardrobe doors across an existing alcove.

We know from speaking with our customers that this is a very popular idea to solve problems of what to do with clutter, where to hide appliances and how to create more wardrobe space for shopaholics. Our wardrobes make perfect cabinet solutions for alcove storage.

Not only will you make use of the whole alcove as storage space, other ready made cabinets, cupboards and alcove furniture may not, you get to design your sliding doors to match the décor of your room.

Choose your sliding wardrobe doors

We have a huge range of designs and colours. Choose from a elegant wood panels or pastel coloured glass to make your alcove storage disappear into the wall or go for brave, bold and beautiful feature doors.

Alcove sliding wardrobe doors

Sliding doors can be used to create stylish and valuable alcove storage in bedrooms, landings, hallways, home offices and make a great feature of living room alcove storage.

Your alcove storage might be formed between two walls or just as easily between a chimney breast and a wall. In this case two alcoves (usually of equal width) either side of the chimney breast are often ideal for turning into wardrobes or enclosed storage spaces.

And it doesn't end there, how about these alcove storage ideas; Alcoves in kitchens can be transformed into extra pantry storage. In bathrooms mirrored glass panel doors are perfect and unsightly pipes are instantly and easily hidden from view.

The alcove need not be wide, anything from 600mm up can be turned into useful storage – you can read more about installing narrow sliding wardrobe doors in tight spaces here.

How to build a wardrobe in an alcove

If the chimney breast projects more than 600mm from the walls then the alcoves either side should be perfect for turning into wardrobes. Clothes can be hung easily, with no need to turn them on an angle.

If the chimney breast is less than 600mm deep, no problem; the solution is to install end panels either side of the chimney breast to create the necessary depth of wardrobe you require - this means that the final wardrobe installation will project slightly in front of the line of the chimney breast. The sliding wardrobe doors then close against the end panels.

Depending upon the space available it is also possible to create an installation that includes slim shelves fixed across the face of the chimney breast that integrate with the wardrobe areas on either side. These can be created from strike plates, used at the supplied width (100mm) or cut down to suit your requirements.

Our made to measure sliding wardrobe doors come with a plain English easy installation guide that will lead you step by step for a stress and hassle free installation.

Cool double alcove wardrobe with TV chimney breast feature idea

Here is one idea that works really well and may inspire your imagination to think of other ways to make better use and transform your alcoves.

Install our sliding wardrobe doors fully across the room so that the two alcoves and chimney breast are integrated into one feature. A fabulous idea for bedroom alcoves is to include a flat screen television on the chimney breast so that when the two central doors are slid apart they reveal the screen. Like this idea? Share it by clicking on the twitter or other social media buttons on the right.

This solution is easy to install and offers storage combined with an imaginative twist! Depending upon the width of your room the number of doors required for this installation would typically be four or five; but if you wished to create a bold statement installation then it may be possible to use as few as three extra wide doors. Read more about wide sliding wardrobe doors here.

Create new alcove storage

Of course, our wardrobes don't have to built into an existing alcove. It is also possible to create a ‘false alcove’ using stud walls or a wardrobe can simply be built out from one corner of a room with and an end panel used to create the other side.

Start designing your alcove storage idea here.

For further advice or to discuss installing sliding wardrobe doors across an existing alcove please call our design team on Freephone 0800 035 1730.

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