White sliding wardrobe doors

White sliding wardrobe doors are a popular choice for homeowners looking to add style and functionality to their bedroom storage. We offer a wide variety of different materials and finishes for white sliding wardrobe doors, so you should have no trouble finding a style that suits your taste and budget.

5 reasons to choose white sliding wardrobe doors for your home

  1. Clean, crisp and timeless appearance. White doors offer a sleek and contemporary look to any room; equally, they can add an air of elegance to a more traditional scheme.
  2. Light reflection. White, in any material, is a great reflector of natural light, therefore making any room feel brighter and more open. This is especially true of white glass doors which also have a highly reflective surface.
  3. Easy to match with other decor. Depending on how one classifies colours, then white could be said not to be a colour at all – in fact, it is an absence of colour as our eyes process different wavelengths of light. Because of this, it lends itself for use with any other colour in the visible spectrum (including black) and so is a very versatile shade to use when other colours are present in your decor scheme.
  4. Make a small room appear larger. White sliding wardrobe doors can help to create the illusion of greater space in a small room.
  5. White, not quite... Of course, if white has a very tiny amount of another visible colour present (eg. yellow, or blue) then it may take on a warmer, or cooler tone. This is especially useful if you are aiming to create a specific mood in your room. Our range of white door panel materials includes a number of slightly differing shades on the white theme.

Request white wardrobe door colour samples

Occasionally, some of our customers that have previously bought doors from other sliding wardrobe door companies have told us they have been disappointed with their ‘Pure White’ glass doors not being a bright, clean white but rather a blue-ish or green-ish ‘off-white’. We suspect that what is sometimes described as Pure White is actually what we would term a ’Soft White’ (which we offer as a cheaper panel). In our glass door panels range, we offer two shades of white – a pure white glass and a soft white glass. The pure white is a bright white whereas the soft white does have a blue/green ‘glass’ tint. Of course, as with all all colour sample viewed online, it is important to see what the real material looks like in actual daylight and under electric lights – therefore, we offer a sample service so that you can check the colours of materials before you commit to ordering your doors from us.

To get an initial impression of what white doors may look like used as a single panel option or when paired with other colours/woodgrain effects, try out and view your own designs using our door designer.

You can also experiment with white glass or white MFC door panels to visualise how they will appear when used with our standard white steel-framed doors, our white aluminium-framed doors, our white Shaker-styled sliding wardrobe doors and our white frameless sliding wardrobe doors*.

*only available with Premium White, White Grey, White Levanto and Whitewood panels.

A guide to the ‘whites’ of our sliding wardrobe doors

To help you identify the kind of white that you are looking for we’ve graded the white shades in our range (across all panel materials) from 1 to 10 in terms of how glossy or matt they appear, with 1 being a very flat, matt white and 10 being a very highly reflective, gloss white.

  • Satin Pure White (Satin coloured glass panels) – gloss rating 0
    Bright and crisp in appearance. This is the choice for matt white sliding wardrobes.
  • White Levanto (Marble MFC panels) – gloss rating 2
    White Levanto Marble is a type of marble that has a white base colour with varying shades of grey and light blue veining throughout. It has a matt finish and is known for its elegant and sophisticated look.
  • Whitewood (Woodgrain MFC panels) – gloss rating 2
    Whitewood is a pale, creamy white colour with a smooth, slightly glossy finish. It has a clean and fresh appearance, and could be said to offer a Scandinavian look. It is a light and airy shade that will brighten up a space and make it feel more open and spacious.
  • White Grey (Plain MFC panels) – gloss rating 2
    White Grey is a light, muted shade of grey that has a slight white tint. It is a versatile, neutral shade that is often used as a background or base colour in a design and one that pairs well with a wide range of other colours.
  • Premium White (Plain MFC panels) – gloss rating 2
    Premium White is a bright, clean and crisp shade of white. With a luxurious and elegant appearance it is a pure, unadulterated white that is free of any hints of other colours. Premium White is a perfect choice for modern, minimalist design schemes and can be paired with other neutral colours for a sleek and polished look. The matt finish features a very fine and subtle ‘stippled’ effect.
  • Soft White (Coloured glass panels) – gloss rating 10
    Soft White glass has an off-white appearance with a subtle cool blue / green tint. It has a highly reflective, glass-smooth surface.
  • Pure White (Coloured glass panels) – gloss rating 10
    Pure White glass has a bright and crisp appearance. This is the choice for absolute white, high-gloss sliding wardrobes.

A note on quality:
All of our glass panels are manufactured using high quality glass and will not have any discolouration or impurities in them. They are highly polished, smooth and have a highly reflective surface. We don’t offer high gloss white MFC panels as we have found that they scratch very easily. If you require a gloss look MFC panel please consider using our Pure White panel.

Safety aspects of white glass sliding wardrobe doors

Perhaps the main concern our customers raise when specifying glass sliding wardrobe doors (and mirror doors) is one of safety when being used in the home environment. Our glass (and mirror) doors manufactured using 4mm thick safety-backed glass. Indeed, all our glass and mirror products are safety-backed to meet the UK standards BS EN1036-2 and BS EN12150-2. What this means in practical terms is that there is a safety backing added to the glass so if anything happens to the glass all the pieces are held in place.

Please note: Any air bubbles that you may notice on the back of our coloured glass or mirrored glass door panels are due to the safety backing film, and are completely normal. These do not show on the front face of the doors.

Contact us

If you would like to discuss any aspect of using our white sliding wardrobe doors in your room design please ring the Design Team on freephone 0800 035 1730.

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