Cool, Chic, Warm, Cosy, Modern, Snug, Funky. The lighting you choose as part of your bedroom design will play an important part in creating your dream bedroom. You can include some clever modern lighting ideas in and around your wardrobes to create the bedroom design and mood that you long for.

Bedroom lighting design has expanded rapidly in recent years, largely due to the new energy-efficient technologies and innovation in LED lighting. There are now many ideas & options which can be exploited to give your bedroom a mood makeover.

A great idea is to enhance the look and functionality of your sliding wardrobe with stylish light effects inside and out. These range from effects using traditional spot lights, made to look modern, to the ultra modern LED products such as flexible strip lighting, illuminated glass shelves, illuminated mirrors and illuminated hanging rails.

Although Wardrobe Doors Direct does not offer lighting solutions directly for purchase through the website, below are some bedroom lighting ideas to consider incorporating into your wardrobe and bedroom design. The suggested lighting is suitable for use with our sliding wardrobe doors. These are available at most DIY superstores, electrical merchants, IKEA® etc. We hope you find them illuminating!.

Cool bedroom lighting design idea - sensor-controlled lighting

A cool idea for your bedroom wardrobe is to fit motion sensor controlled lighting. As you gently slide open your wardrobe doors the light is activated, just like your fridge only a lot more cool and stylish.

There are a number of lighting designs available which fit between the ceiling and top track. These are usually available in packs of 2 or 3 so you can tailor the number of lights you require depending upon the width of your wardrobe. Wire the lights in using a discrete infra-red control box that is activated by movement. One infra-red fitting is normally required for every light pack purchased. These can be installed inside the wardrobe so that the lights are activated when the wardrobe doors are opened; alternatively, they can be installed externally so they are activated when someone enters the room, also very cool.

The lit time of motion sensor controlled lights can be adjusted from several minutes to just a few seconds to conserve energy.

Cool and funky internal lighting idea – LED strip lights

Funky LED strip lights can be used internally to illuminate your wardrobe. They simply click together to create the length required. Position the LED strip lights along the front underside edge of a shelf, along the top of the wardrobe or in drawers.

LED lighting emits very little heat and can be used safely in confined areas such as drawers, shelf arrangements and hanging spaces.

Still a modern bedroom design lighting idea - spot lights

Spotlights can be incorporated into your overall room lighting scheme. A Spotlight recessed into the ceiling centrally approximately 300mm from each wardrobe door will throw light on the door which will reflect and enhance the look of your wardrobe. Choose soft lights combined with our coloured glass panel doors to create that warm, cozy feel.

They can be operated either by a two-way switch, separate from your main lighting, or as part of your main lighting circuit.

Of course sliding wardrobes need not be just for the bedroom. Now you have the idea you can design your sliding door and lighting ideas for other rooms.

Need help with your design ideas? Please don't hesitate to call.

Note: Always consult a fully qualified electrician before undertaking any electrical work in your home.

We hope you found this article useful.

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