L-shaped wardrobes also known as a corner wardrobe can be the ideal solution for that small bedroom corner or other room. The sliding doors on our L-shaped corner wardrobes mean that the doors don't get in the way of each other as they would with conventional doors.

Installing L-shaped corner sliding wardrobe doors

Our made-to-measure sliding wardrobe doors are perfect for maximising your wardrobe space, especially if you want to install them into a corner of a room. Below are some guidelines to help you.

Planning a corner wardrobe

Planning the position of the wardrobe doors

First, make a sketch of where you want the doors to to be positioned to find the corner position where the two sets of doors will meet. We would recommend working to a wardrobe depth of 610mm or less away from your walls, and would also recommend that you use strike plates and liners which are 100mm depth. Then add accurate measurements and any particular details that are relevant to the drawing. Once you have completed the plan of where you want your wardrobe doors, please email this to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. so we can then go through the particulars of your wardrobe doors.

Note: We have assumed that the angle of the L-shaped wardrobes is 90 degrees but the angle can be any angle.

Choosing the right frame for your installation

We offer two types of frames on our sliding wardrobe doors (steel and aluminium) and depending upon which option you choose the installation method will differ slightly.

L-shape corner wardrobe

Steel frame corner sliding wardrobe doors

To create a corner wardrobe using our steel frame option you will need to create a pillar at the intersection where the two doors will meet. This can be constructed using a strike plate an end panel fixed together with corner blocks to create an L-shaped structure that is then secured to the floor and ceiling, again using corner blocks or appropriate fixings. The minor problem with this it that it will limit access to the corner of the wardrobe i.e. you may have to retrieve items by reaching into the wardrobe. Therefore we would only recommend using this method where costs are an issue and the wardrobe is not going to be in daily use, e.g. in a spare room.

Aluminium frame corner sliding wardrobe doors

Using our aluminium frame option for corner wardrobes offers a smarter solution as it provides a very slick finish and creates the most usable, accessible space. To create a corner wardrobe using the aluminium frame set you will need to mitre the bottom and top track to the angle you require so when they are fastened to the floor and ceiling they create an L-shape. The top and bottom track are supplied oversized so you will be able to cut these to the correct angle. The corner doors will then slide together and when opened they will offer the greatest amount of access to the corner of the wardrobe.

Wardrobe Doors Direct are Corner Wardrobe UK Specialists.

If you wish to order doors to create a L-shape wardrobe may we suggest you ring our design team first on Freephone 0800 035 1730 to talk through your ideas as there could be other points specific to your installation that may need to be taken into consideration.

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